Where Can I Buy Bitcoin?

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Buying Bitcoin

While collecting bitcoins from faucets can be very rewarding, (and best of all free!) it can take quite a while to save up any substantial rewards. If you’ve had enough of collecting and would actually like to start using or investing in bitcoins, the next reasonable step is to find somewhere to buy them.

Purchasing bitcoins isn’t quite as easy as picking up a gallon of milk from the corner store or making a quick buy on amazon. There are three primary options when deciding where to buy bitcoins.

From another individual. Buying bitcoins can be done face to face or online with friends and acquaintances. Individuals are often looking to buy and sell bitcoins on craigslist and social media. Be careful with this type of transaction though. Thoroughly vet any potential business partners and mre to have a system in place protecting you from scam artists and thieves

On an Exchange. There are numerous exchanges online in which bitcoins and other altcoins are traded. Here, the coins are traded for each other or for traditional fiat currency like dollars. Exchanges provide a quick way to purchase bitcoin but they can be a bit complex for first time buyers.

If you’d like to pick up coins on an exchange, Yobit.io is an active exchange featuring a wide variety of altcoins and features. Besides being a great place to buy and trade bitcoins and crypto currencies, there are tons of extras like faucets and games.

From a specialized bitcoin E-Store. There are stores set up online that will sell you bitcoins as if they are any oher item you would buy online. These usually have a set price which updates often or a price that is tied directly to the current market price of bitcoin. This is probably the most convenient method of buying bitcoin but dealers will charge a small fee for providing the convenience.

If this sounds like the route for you Coinmama.com is our suggested bitcoin dealer. Coinmama is a secure dealer with years of experience. They accept virtually any form of payment. That means you can buy bitcoins whether you’re using a debit card, credit card, or money order. They also consistently seem to manage the lowest prices and fees.